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Code of Conduct

This is a family Mastodon instance so please keep that in mind 🙂! We have a few rules on posts, content, and conduct all related to this.

  1. Our primary goal is a way to share photos, updates, milestones, and thoughts with each other.
  2. Keep religion and politics to an absolute minimum—there are plenty of other forums and platforms for that kind of content/engagement.
  3. Family and extended family are all welcome, you don't need to be an @gioia!
  4. Have fun and respect each other always.

Who Made This?

This server is run and managed by Andrew (@andrew) with help from Mike (@mike). It runs Mastodon, a federated social platform that corrects all the problems with Twitter. It costs about $10/mo right now to keep it running if you want to get him a soft pretzel sometime.

If you're interested in learning more about what Mastodon is or who builds it, check out their information page or their active Github project.

Mobile Apps

There are some really beautiful mobile apps that complement this webapp and make the experience much more natural.

On iOS, Mast is @andrew's daily driver and very much recommended. It costs $3 and is worth it.

Problems or Questions

If you're having any technical problems, please email @andrew and he can help right away.