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Tell me, what else should I have done? Doesn't everything die at last, and too soon? Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

—Mary Oliver

Christmas lights are up! Cant wait to get some shrubs on the front hill next year to make that look better for lights too.

Christmas music doesn't get any better than the Vince Guaraldi Trio 🎄

I think that YouTube as we knew it is going to be done soon. The latest monetization move with minimum compulsory ads on top of already heavy ad volume, 3-minute sponsor reads, Patreon plugs, product placements, all in ~10 minute videos (!) is on the downward half of the curve. I've loosely noticed I just don't use it anywhere near how much I used to.

All things will invariably end up like cable I guess.

Found out about two awesome tools yesterday: as an alternative privacy-minded Twitter frontend and a fantastic FF extension to auto-redirect to it (among other similar services): No more Twitter login nags and way more UI control.

Adding Vimeo to the list of companies that both secretly enable auto-renew and have a really hostile refund policy. I really wanted to like them but this ensures I never use their service again unfortunately.

This form factor is incredible, seriously considering this over putting a Pi together for Daniel this Christmas 🤔

In retrospect 50 pretzels may have been too many, but we’ll have them for at least a week 😜

Getting to that sweet spot where “chores” are still fun and exciting, but is big enough to actually get stuff done!

So close to signing off on this one, just need to get a ton of gravel to fill it in and to test out the fireplace!

None of the seed I threw down (late) germinated but grass grows in these hay bales!?

The message is great but I'm really not loving Mozilla's new campaign branding. "Let's unfck it together" just seems immature, particularly on the heels of their massive layoffs. Why can't they just make better?

We were wondering why the sky seemed "clear" last night at soccer but almost solidly white/gray and hazy, it looks like the wildfires have made their way to the east

First day of school! has 1 hour with @beth at the Discovery School this morning and I get the one at Fox Hill tomorrow.

Actually think we might get the swing set built this weekend O_O Done for the day but the main structure is almost finished, then just the catwalk/swing side.

Day 1 of the swing set is down! helped me move everything to the barn and organize the parts, and we managed to get the ladder built. Loving the massive workspace, this is the first time we’ve used the barn for anything and the little guy got a of me this time 😛

Our tomatoes are finally turning! I think we started them late and planted them late but I think we’re gonna get them all in this season.

We got the new playground pad leveled 🙌 Can’t wait to take a few days off and build the swing set tempting me on our driveway this past month.

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