Congrats Danny on another great year of preschool! 2 pieces of cake and 2 freeze pops at the party to celebrate.

My poor wallet! So excited for these and even more so that the old frames may be perennial!

Our Easter Eggs, just a little bit late! Danny kept his "strawberry egg" in the longest.

Can’t believe how big Danny is getting! James for scale (and cute, despite the grumpiness!).

Our first successful 3d print! It was way too cold in the room but the cover we got today kept everything warm.

Played school the other day and Danny said he needed "the blue thing" first. Bluey's dad always wears this when they play and I guess he picked up on it! 😛

Our little boy James was born on February 3! Beth is home but he needs a little longer at the hospital, can’t wait to bring you home too little man and for you to meet your wonderful big brother!

Christmas lights are up! Cant wait to get some shrubs on the front hill next year to make that look better for lights too.

In retrospect 50 pretzels may have been too many, but we’ll have them for at least a week 😜

Getting to that sweet spot where “chores” are still fun and exciting, but is big enough to actually get stuff done!

So close to signing off on this one, just need to get a ton of gravel to fill it in and to test out the fireplace!

None of the seed I threw down (late) germinated but grass grows in these hay bales!?

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